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“At Colchester Fresh Fish Ltd. We work with local restaurants, caterers and pubs to supply fresh fish caught on our family owned fishing vessel, the Yvonne-Anne. With 35 years' experience as fishermen, we are happy to advise customers of what is in season. We provide high quality fish and shellfish on a daily basis.”

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Fish & Seafood

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In Season

In Season

Where did the summer go ?Autumn already , though the water  temperature is still warm and the summer fish are still on the inshore grounds  with Dover sole sea bass  and skate (thornback ray)  being landed to us  in good  quantities and  at this time of year very good  quality  as the fish fatten up  for winter, due to the high  water temperature  cod  are slow to move inshore  at the moment with only a few large fish starting to show , Our boat  the YVONNE ANNE  HH118 had a surprise  catch of bonito  a type of small tuna ( see gallery ) while bass fishing  recently , with the milder weather  it will be interesting to see if more of these fine fish  show up.

Now into April the fishing and weather is improving all the time with Dover Sole moving in and the ban on landing wild bass lifted the local boats are having a good mixed spring fishery with plenty of Cod and Ray still being caught , plaice are still poor quality after spawning lemon sole being a much better alternative and Brill a quality fish often over looked.

Some of the local boats can be tracked on “AIS live map” (below) allow you to follow the boats catching the fish being delivered to your business although some for secrecy turn off the device when actually fishing.




Over recent years there has been a great deal of publicity around over fishing and depleting stocks in the seas around the UK. Sustainability is essential for the fishing industry to survive, to ensure marine stocks for future generations. Colchester Fish Supplies takes sustainability very seriously and as such it is a key strategy of the business when supply and advising customers. fghjkopl;'

Our oceans and seas are home to a diverse array of marine wildlife and are part of a delicate and vulnerable ecosystem which is easily disturbed by human interference and ecological changes. Overfishing, pollution and harmful fishing practices all contribute to long term damage jeopardising fish supplies for future generations. We are aware and actively play our part in protecting the livelihoods of local fishermen by encouraging sustainable practices through our choice of purchase and supply chain. Only with all sections of the fishing industry working together can we ensure plentiful stocks and consistent replenishment levels for years to come.

At Colchester Fish Supplies we source our fish from quality suppliers and can guarantee that we can trace all our fish from ocean to plate. We actively promote the use of undervalued fish species such Cole, Trout and Pollock to restaurants, pubs and caterers to ease demand on more popular well known fish. We actively supported the banning of discards, the practice of throwing back dead fish due to quotas now outlawed by the EU. We purchase line caught fish wherever possible to ensure other species are not effected by unethical fishing practices.

We will continue to work locally with the fish industry to ensure sustainable and ethical fishing is at the very core of our business practices and those who we supply. We believe by working together everyone can protect our environment and the livelihoods of generations of fishermen in equal measure.



At Colchester Fish Supplies we source our fish and shellfish locally wherever possible. We are located near to Mersea Island, a rich local fishing base where most of our local produce comes from.

We also source fish from across Scotland up to the Shetland Isles down to the coast of Cornwall where needed so we can provide the widest variety of fish choice to our customers. We do all we can to support our local fishing industry and try to get our fish from source to plate with minimal transportation time keeping produce fresh and keep our food miles down.

All our fish is expertly selected for our customers. Our well trained staff ensure that every single fish offered is prepared to the highest standards. All our produce is examined, prepped and packed with the greatest care and attention to ensure the product arrives in perfect condition.

We are able to provide full traceability of all of our fish from sea to table so that our customers have peace of mind about where the fish was caught, how it was caught, the sustainable nature of the catch and so on.  We are only too happy to provide our clients with information about our suppliers and local fisheries. We only work with suppliers who have sustainable policies as part of their work practice.

By sourcing fish across the UK we can provide to your needs to your exact specification. We can recommend seasonal produce based on our good working relationships with our suppliers who can tell us what’s available and the quality of the catch on that day.

All our preparation works is completed on site local to Colchester. Preparation of the fish is carried out to the highest hygiene standards giving the customer piece of mind when ordering from Colchester Fish Supplies.

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Sea Fish

We can source a variety of seafish from Cod and Haddock to Seabass or Red Snapper, whatever your requirements we can supply top quality seafish direct to your door! 

Lake Fish

We can supply all kinds of lake fish including Salmon, Trout and Perch, smoked and unsmoked giving you a wide selection of choice to create a mouth watering menu!


King Prawns, Oysters, Langoustine, Clams, Crab, Mussels, you name it we can deliver it! Our shellfish stock is fresh, fine quality, packed to perfection and available daily.

Fish and Seafood delivered directly to your business

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unit 6 Haycocks farm, Haycocks Lane
West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8SS